Incredible Day In 68th WHA ! (For 19 May 2015)

     By Chong Liu
My 2nd day at the 68th World Health Assembly, I was excited to attend “Transforming Global Health through Public-Private Partnerships: from Concept to Impact.” This gave me a brand new view of the collaborations between government, company and organizations (PPPs). Sustainable resources and the restructuring of finance systems and are required in order to implement PPPs.    
       The briefing on “Women and Health” was organized by delegations of 6 countries (Chile, India, etc.), and discussed the implementation of the policies of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action. This includes women’s health and human rights, and issues such as equal access to resources, gender disparities and gender-based violence.
       The interesting thing is, I used to think human rights were just someone’s ability to make a decision for them selves. Thus, I neglected the significant role that related-policies play in protecting human rights and creating pathways for individuals to have opportunities. I realized that disparities exist in access to health resources within different areas. The availability of health resources around me prevented me from realizing that opportunity is not equally distributed.