Day 1 in Panama City


By Aiman Tohid

When I arrived at the Tocumen airport, a person was waiting for us outside with a board named as USC. He put our luggage in the van and drove us to the Tryp hotel, where we had our reservations to stay for our 2 weeks long trip.

On the way we saw a lot of greenery and I loved it. I was blown away and so surprised by Panama City.

I never imagined it would be so urbanized and beautiful. All the big buildings and underpasses were very surprising for me. Panama City is just a mini America. The weather was humid and hot but it seemed pleasant and beautiful. The driver was very nice and showed us different buildings and places along the way. He showed us the beach, which was Pacific Ocean and many beautiful building including a twisted built building named as Tornado, which is an office building. When we reached the hotel our rooms weren?t ready and we had to wait for a few hours. The hotel was very comfy and cozy though. Other people in our USC group arrived at different times during the day.

In the evening Dr. Cousineau took the group out and we all had dinner at an Italian restaurant. Later, we went to El-Rey market to buy basic necessities and groceries for our stay in Panama. I loved the culture and people selling things on street during our walk to the market. I rained in the afternoon. We have arrived during the rainy season, so it will mostly be raining everyday. Looking forward to an exciting day tomorrow, when we will meet Dr. Calvo, and have the tour of the city and visit all historical places.




About the MPH Panama Practicum

A group of University of Southern California graduate students are researching public health in Panama City, Panama, for a two-week international practicum, organized by the USC Master of Public Health (MPH) program. This post was excerpted from panama.usc.eduView all posts in this series »