Bearing fruit…and vegetables

By Allyson Wong
There is such joy when you watch all the hard work, sweat and stress come together to make a child smile and laugh. As we walked through the hallways at Escuela Los Altos de Cabuya the kids were so excited to show us their finished product they started pulling us into their classrooms. Our nutritional project required that each teacher along with the children decorate their classroom doors with pictures and nutritional facts and benefits about their assigned fruit or vegetable. The finished doors were amazing, not only was each door finely decorated with facts, but the kids wore handmade costumes. The project was proposed only a couple days ago and so I was blown away by the dedication and the enthusiasm as the kids chanted, sang, and served their fruit or vegetable. 

It was amazing to witness the collaboration from the teachers, parents and students. Before we were told that the parents weren’t interested or invested in the education of their child but today that was proven wrong. Parents showed their full support by watching the presentations, preparing cut fruit and vegetables, sewing costumes and spending hours to help their child memorizing nutritional facts.Although, this project was small, I hope that the joy and excitement experienced today will resonate and encourage the children to want to learn more about nutrition and health. I honestly I am at a loss for words to describe how pleased I am with how well the project went today.

About the MPH Panama Practicum

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