MPH Panama Practicum 2013: Last two days at Altos de Cabuya

Michelle Nguyen

July 18, 2013

On day 11, the school group arrived around 10 am at the Altos de Cabuya elementary school to judge the tolerance door posters. One of the methods we used for health education and promotion on the issue of tolerance was for each class to create a poster about what tolerance meant to them and to select a representative(s) from the class to present it. Ten classes participated in the contest, from Pre-K up to 6th grade. Dr. Baezconde-Garbanati, Estella (Rosa?s mom), and our team of 6 members were the judges for the contest. It was a tough decision, but we selected three winners for the contest.

On day 12, we attended a closing ceremony held at the Altos de Cabuya elementary school for the three groups: nutrition, vector control, and clinic. All the students, teachers, and staff were packed into the school?s outdoor gym to watch. Students from the various classes performed for us, singing and/or dancing. After their performances, a representative from each group presented our group deliverables to our respective Directors. Following that, we announced the winners for the tolerance door poster contest.
The last two days in the school have finally come to an end. I hope our deliverables will be of much help to them in the near future. The memories I have of the school and students are bittersweet. I will definitely miss the students, teachers, and staff who have been so welcoming of us since Day 1.

About the MPH Panama Practicum

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