A Breathtaking Trip to the World Economic Forum

After yesterday’s surprise by the charismatic Beatrice at the Global Fund, I was excited and curious to meet new people who are passionate about their work and learn how their organization operates during today’s visit to the World Economic Forum (WEF). The organization is located in the Swiss town of Cologny which is at the northeast side of Geneva and by the east shore of Lake Geneva. After our frantic attempts to find the right bus stops and catch the right buses in the morning rain, we finally arrived at the inconspicuous, unassuming, gray-colored front security gate of WEF at 10 AM (if you do a Google Street View of WEF, you will know what I mean). Once we passed through the security check, we found ourselves standing on a futuristic, high-tech campus that was seemingly designed by a well-know architectural designer. Two main, minimally designed buildingsĀ  surrounded with large glossy windows were located on the campus. The building housing the reception/lobby area was no more than 14 years old, and the other was around 5 years old.

More to come …