Boda Boda

I have always read about road fatalities being a big issue in Subsaharan Africa. I have studied the burden of accidents to DALYs in Uganda. These were all in theory. It took me a very long -and scary- drive from Entebbe airport to Kampala to understand why accidents are a big issue in Global health. The roads did not have any lights or traffic signs. There were no curbs or lanes. The only way for people to cross the road was by “jay-walking.” Uganda has different transportation systems and the most popular and cheap one is bada bada. These are motorcyclists that take people around the town. There are at least five to ten bada bada’s on the corner of each street. They are very experienced bikers that can maneuver in Uganda’s hectic streets. They are truly a biker gang. The first night, I saw hundreds of them in front of a police station. They were protesting the arrest of one of their own.Our friend, Musa, told us about the bada bada bond. He also mentioned that the reason Ugandans do not get into accident every hour is because “they are the best drivers of the world.”
The poor condition of the streets, the lack of traffic lights, the swarm of people jaywalking, and the boda bodas makes streets of Uganda the most dangerous part of town.