MPH Panama Practicum 2012: Los Fabulosos enter week 2

July 9, 2012
Author: Lourdes Baezconde-Garbanati

Our MPH program adventure continues. Here we are looking our best as we begin a new week of the Panama adventure 2012! Pictured here from left to right are Rosa, Rachel, Theresa, Stephanie, Chelsea, Deena, Lourdes, Garnier, Yasmin, Grace, Kathleen, Estela, in the back are Patrick, Chris, Deena, Jenny, Chloe, Maurice and in the front Jessica and Babar. This is a really amazing team. Three groups have formed to focus on nutrition + physical activity, one on vector control and another on maternal and child health/vaccinations in the Centro de Salud 24 de Diciembre, Panama. This picture is at our hotel right before visiting Dra. Cynthia Guy.

2012 Panama students, faculty and staff