MPH Panama Practicum 2012: And the Panama Adventure Continues…

July 7, 2012
Author: Rachel Adams

As a member of the maternal & child health/vaccine group, I have been collecting survey data from the clinic for the past few days. My teammates and I developed a quantitative questionnaire (so that we can statistically analyze later) based on general demographic  and healthcare concerns and delivery questions. We are hoping to find associations between the number of children women have, their use of contraceptives, their martial status, and their highest level of education.

Working in the clinic has been a very interesting experience. There are only three nurses employed to vaccinate children, work in emergency care, keep track of the medical inventory, make school visits for HPV and flu vaccinations, and several other tasks. While we were surveying some of the patients, the nurse informed us that she had already run out of the TDaP vaccine for the day and had to turn away patients. The public clinics definitely have fewer resources than they need and could benefit significantly from additional nurses and nurse assistants.

We will continue to collect more survey data and ask the nurses more about the healthcare system during the next few days. Please keep following to hear more about our experiences in the clinic!