“Listening to the World”

                The first plenary session today began with the continuation of the statements from a number of countries. I enjoyed this formal tradition of the Assembly because I do believe that this chance, albeit short, allows each country to present their concerns and also share their successes and knowledge. I really believe that with a more and more interactive global community, times such as these are the great opportunities to understand and educate ourselves about the background, concerns, and reasoning of our neighbors.

                 One commonality of the delegates that I had the opportunity to listen to, was their support of universal health care. This was interesting to me as I reflected upon our own country of the United States. We definitely have a different system in comparison to the rest of the world but are we willing to change or re-interpret the definition of universal healthcare? Looking to the politics back home, we can see that the Affordable Care Act has brought about a large amount of debate and conflict so it makes me wonder if a health system transition is possible. I found myself sitting amongst the American delegation yesterday evening during my Clean cookstove meeting but unfortunately did not get a chance to speak with them. I was a little disappointed when they left a little early, so my approach, that I’ll admit I had been planning throughout the session, went to waste. I wonder what their thoughts are about the priorities of the WHO and what we as a country will take back from the Assembly. I shall find them yet.