Working at GAVI Part Two!

This past week at GAVI has been full of great exposure into the organization.  I was able to sit in on team and group meetings as well as an all GAVI staff meeting for both the DC and Geneva offices, lead by GAVI CEO Seth Berkley.   I also reached a “milestone” in my project – reaching the one thousand mark for photographs catalogued for the GAVI photo library last week and then the two thousand mark this week!  
Through the various meetings I was able to get a glimpse into the logistical, policy, and program planning required for an organization’s involvement in the World Health Assembly (coming up next month) as well as see the progress of on-going projects like the double vaccine launch in Ghanaand the development of the progress report. 
 In addition to these projects, other big projects/events coming to a head this week are the vaccine launch in Haiti (happening immediately after the apparent “busloads” of troops stormed the Haitian Parliament), WorldImmunization Week, a vaccine summit in Nigeria, an upcoming Child Survival Summit along with the launch of the 5th birthday campaign, as well as other vaccine related news.  With all these events, its been interesting to see how the Media and Communications team manages the related press and coverage.  It involves a complex mix of prioritization (for GAVI, its leadership, partners, donors, and the public) and agenda setting and the organization has to be thorough in managing coverage around these topics.  (If you want more information on any of these events, I’ve included links so click on the event for more info! The Ghana link includes a great video.)

(Top left) Children waved flags and paraded in the grounds of the Palais Municipal de Delmas at the launch of Haiti’s nationwide vaccination campaign. Photo credit: GAVI/Jonathan Stern/2012. (Top right) USAID 5th Birthday Campaign. (Bottom left) Independence Square where the dual vaccine launch ceremony will take place tomorrow in Ghana! Photo credit: GAVI/DounePorter/PATH/2012.  (Bottom right) WHO World Immunization Week. Photo credit: WHO/2012.  

 The all staff meeting also gave me a closer look at the GAVI leadership and the inner workings of a public-private partnership – GAVI has a complicated structure with the Secretariat, the Board, and various advisory committees along with partner organizations that make GAVI a true public-private partnership.  The exact structure and “leadership hierarchy” can be confusing to even those working within the organization.
This next week will be quiet around the office as many M&C team members will be at the Ghana launch (happening on Thursday). However, on Thursday and Friday it will be up to the staff at the office to quickly manage the news and media coming from Ghana and publishing this information to ensure visibility of the event. 
Over this last weekend, I was in Rome so here are a few fun pictures!

(Top left)The Vatican/St. Peter’s Basilica. (Top center) Me using my audio guide at the Colloseum. (Top right) Me at the Trevi Fountain. (Bottom left) Me sneaking a picture with the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. (Bottom center) The Spanish Steps. (Bottom Right) Me at the Colloseum!