Giving Thanks for an Amazing Trip

I’ve had some time to decompress after my trip from Cambodia and there’s a lot of people that I wanted to give thanks to for making this trip happen.  These sorts of events don’t happen in a vacuum and if it wasn’t for the support that I got from everyone I know that my winter break would have been much less eventful.

First and foremost I’d like to thank Christian Basa, my co-troublemaker in this endeavor.  It was his idea to head to Cambodia to work on this project and if I hadn’t had the good fortune to meet him this trip never would have occured.

Christian and Myself with Siddeth

I’d also like to thank Christian’s wife, Idang, and the family for putting up with me the entire trip.  Without Christian’s in-laws there to provide context and translation for what I was seeing, the trip wouldn’t have been as meaningful for me.  Special thanks goes to Seng for taking the time to hang out and go on adventures with me in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Of course, the USC Institute of Global Health and USC Marshall School of Business were instrumental in making this trip a reality for Christian and myself.  I am very glad to be in the company of such amazing people who are doing such incredible things.

The support of Don Fetherman and Dr. Gerlinda Lucas of the Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope was matched only by the enthusiasm that the lab staff showed towards us.  Mr’s Teav Syna, Kham Chun, Che Yanith, Chan Krisna, and all the hospital staff made living and volunteering in Phnom Penh a phenomenal experience.

Mickey, our tuk tuk driver who took us out for nights of fun.

Our volunteer-in-arms, Dr’s Varadhan and Li, who kept life outside of the hospital enjoyable.

The staff of the Golden Gate Hotel; a place that I’d recommend highly for all those travelling to Phnom Penh.

My new friends from Siem Reap, happy new year and hope to see you again soon.

Everyone I didn’t list, it’s late and I sincerely apologize for not typing your name down.  Rest assured that your support and contributions were felt and greatly appreciated.

I’m looking forward to the start of the new semester!