Exploring the Kingdom of Wonders

I’m waiting for the imminent arrival of Christian at the Golden Gate Hotel.  Theoretically his flight landed two hours ago, so I’m hoping that he’s made it in to Phnom Penh without incident.  In any case, I took the opportunity this morning to take a walk around Phnom Penh and get a sense of bearing around the hotel.

Phnom Penh is a city of motorbikes.  The streets are filled to the brim with them and I wouldn’t want to be driving a car in this area.  I’m definitely more cautious crossing the streets here, there seems to be reckless abandon regarding driving.  I did notice an abundant use of high-beams by cars to warn motorcyclists of their approach.  Pretty interesting traffic dynamic here especially when compared with that of North America.

Obviously I have internet here.  It’s spotty and unsecured, so as long as I don’t go around doing online banking I imagine I’ll be alright.  There’s a fair amount of wireless cafes here but what’s really interesting is that there aren’t that many landlines around.  I’ve heard that it is because of the destruction of infrastructure during the Khmer Rouge era, but that’s unconfirmed still (haven’t Wikipedia’d it yet).

The primary reason of why I’m in Cambodia is to explore their healthcare system.  To that end I’ve been wandering around looking at wellness clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals.  I found an excellent blog by an ex-pat living in Phnom Penh about the healthcare system here: http://about-cambodia.blogspot.com/2011/09/when-you-need-doctor.html.  I think tomorrow’s visit to Sihanouk Hospital will be very enlightening.

A note on photographs.  I am using three methods of photography to keep up with everything here.  A digital camera, my cellphone, and a digital SLR.  I am going to be posting photos from my cellphone as the trip goes along whereas the other photos will most likely wait until after I return stateside.  I hope that’s alright!

You can stay updated with my photos by checking out the public album link.