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I have been back in the states for weeks now and definitely believe one last blog is in order. Upon arriving home I can’t tell you how visually appealing everything looked and let me say, we really are lucky to live in a developed country where running water is not to be feared, electrical power outages come once in blue moon, and we can sleep easy knowing it is not extremely common to see children carrying newborns around begging for money. However, we have our own set of problems, one being our consumer culture, but lets not get into that.
I would like to take time to really thank the Institute for Global Health for making my trip to India possible. I believe the institute gives students from all fields the chance to fairly participate in a global understanding by traveling outside of one’s comfort zone, and the institute advocates for students to explore different countries political, health, education, and cultural system. It is opportunities like these that really make a dent in students lives and really shapes our future career and personal directions. So really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you IGH!
I spent my last week meeting in India with the girls at Jamghat and teaming up with some researchers at PHFI. Here are some final pictures to end my practicum journey through India.

Spent some time playing games on the rooftop
Reading songs in Hindi
Pooja’s masterpiece
Many many thanks to IGH!
Much love always,

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  1. Bethlehem says:

    Ellis,Just read most of your posts. Looks like you had a marvelous time out there. I am so happy to see what you have accomplished. Great job!Bethlehem


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