In the Working Zone

Hi all,

This post will most likely be one of my lasts as time is ticking! I’ve been experiencing Delhi in the confines of my flat and at work. I completed my first paper, it turned out to be double the amount of pages I had expected. I meet with my supervisor tomorrow hopefully and we will plan out the next stage of the paper. He has a large database which I will be using to prove my points in a quantifiable manner. Again, I am working on a vaccination study trying to highlight the transition from old to new vaccines in developing countries and to see where policy is headed and where it needs to go. India is already in the scene for new vaccines but many critics claim epidemiological evidence is lacking to show vaccines for diseases like Hib or pneumococcal is essential at the current time. When you look at neighboring countries and developing countries many have been able to successfully adopt new vaccines which have been proven to be efficacious, safe, and cost-effective. The space is there for India, there just needs to be more studies and scientists out there ready to test the vaccines.

Where I spend my days – PHFI
As for my Ayurvedic survey, I have completed it and have passed it out to some people already. I am hoping to have more people fill it out this week and to at least create some sort of conclusion from it. I have been asking people at the ashram if they are willing to fill out my survey and many are open to helping. I am not sure I can get a large number of participants, but at least I will have some responses to work with.

Last Saturday I visited the girls at Jamghat and it was a great time. I bought a new cd for about 5 cents on the street and it had over 100 songs from bollywood movies, probably the best investment I’ve made so far. The girls loved the cd and we had a successful dance workout. After the dancing, I had a geography lesson plan and printed out maps of India for them to keep. I described the difference between what a map is, a state, a capital, and a city. The girls kept saying, “Didi (means sister), which map is this?” I repeatedly told them it’s not map but a state, but it was funny to hear. They were really into this lesson and were focused the entire time. The previous week I had a lesson on oral health care and brushing, and next week I will probably create a lesson on nutrition and try to incorporate some songs in there. I’m really going to miss all of them!

The girls working hard!

I feel bittersweet about leaving India. I miss my family and friends, but really feel I am in a country where it is easy to explore, connect with others, and to reach out to those who are in need. I realize it does not matter where you are, that you can always help and explore, but I have grown pretty close to the way things operate here and the ease at which I feel I can grow as a person. The growth one can feel when being in the zone, whether working or spiritual, or emotional, is like a flame that keeps burning. I have no doubt that I will be back in India in the future and that the memories and stories will be with me forever.

This week, I will be making the most out of my time, working on my second paper, buying souvenirs, and checking out places which I haven’t had a chance to see yet. My work friends and I will be celebrating Thanksgiving together. It will be the first time I will be away for Thanksgiving and my birthday, but I know it will be a good time! I plan on finishing my time here strong, so wish me luck!

See you soon!

Much Love,