Anxious to Get Down to Work!

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It’s almost time for me to leave and I have yet to complete my survey! I’m getting a little anxious as Dr. Pan’s schedule seems quite heavy and everything depends on when he can get me in to survey people. He suggested the end of August to my collaborator here, Dr. Duan, but she informed him I’m leaving on August 25 so he scheduled me in for August 23 (just two days before I leave!)…but he insists that I can survey 30+ people in one day, and there is really nothing I can do about it at this point, so I just have to trust that this will get done. I’m glad that I had a full 5 weeks here, which I had imagined to be not enough time, but apparently this entire time was needed as Dr. Pan’s schedule is quite full and he keeps making revisions to the questionnaire. His suggestions are good so I’m not complaining but again, the time frame does make me a little anxious. I guess I just have to learn to be patient and learn how to deal with “China time” (translation: delays). For now, I’ll leave you with these beautiful pictures of Gǔlóu Jiē (Old Drum Tower Road) and the Beijing Art District. Just when I think I could never live/survive/cope in China and I’m feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, I’m reminded of how beautiful, fun, and quirky this city is. The Drum Tower Road pictures were taken on my way to eat lamb skewers—a popular street food item. Enjoy!