It’s a big week for IGH!

It’s a big week for IGH!!

On Friday our first online course with the New York Times Knowledge Network launched focused on the Global Rise of NCDs and the UN High Level Meeting on NCDs. The course offers a great forum for in-depth discussion about how to manage the global rise in NCDs.

Today we spent the day dodging (heavy) security around the UN interviewing governmental, non-governmental, and industry delegates to the High Level Meeting and posting the interviews on the course website (see picture of the beautiful NYC day!). We have two more Live Classroom discussions tomorrow and Thursday. If you want to join in, it’s not too late!! Register on our website.

Tomorrow we are co-hosting a lunchtime side event at the High Level Meeting with the Ugandan Permanent Mission to the UN focused on the Rise of NCDs in Sub-Saharan Africa. We are expecting a good turn out and a great discussion.

Then on Wednesday we are attending the Social Goods Summit to launch our Facebook game ‘1000 Days’, developed with ABC News and the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition. The game is live so go on and play and share it with your friends!! (

Perhaps the most interesting part of the week so far has been in the incredible security at the UN and all over New York. It just so happens that the hotel I am staying in is also the hotel for the security dog teams…. Literally there are dozens and dozens of enormous dogs staying on my floor. Signs on all the doors say “DO NOT DISTURB – BEWARE OF DOG”!!