The Beginning Of The Journey to Kiribati

To start off the beginning of the trip the plane was delayed by about 3-4 hours from the initial flight thus United tried to make up time so we’d only arrive an hour late. So upon arrival to the airport there are 7-8 luggages and supply boxes waiting to be picked up. I had rented two of those little dollies because there were so many luggages and supplies coming off the plane. Nonetheless almost everyone at the airport was interested to see what we (Alexandra & I) had in our frozen boxes. It was great to see the support even in Honolulu. Dr. Beale (P.I.) came in to meet us and helped us out to the truck…we would not have been able to do it otherwise. So the rest of the evening comprised of going to the hotel in Honolulu checking in, getting our luggages upstairs and making sure we had the last bits of information and supplies before we headed out the next morning to Kiribati. Once we boarded the plane in the A.M. there was no turning back with one flight in and out once a week.

We had a dinner and called it quits for the evening. In the morning we were up early at around 5:45am starting to get ready for the day. The plane didn’t leave until noon but we had to be at the airport at 9:00am and we were meeting with our P.I. at 7:00am for breakfast. It was a great morning although I had some stresses because no matter how many times you check a luggage you always think…maybe, just maybe I forgot something (which we did not forget anything). Nonetheless, after breakfast and checking out we were off to the airport. Had our last view of the Ala Wai Canal and next thing you know we are at the airport. I am really glad we did arrive their early because with so much luggage going through; it took quite some time for clearance. Next thing we know Air Pacific is calling our names in “Final Call” for our group. Once on board, I was excited! The flight felt like years even though it was a 3 hour flight. I wanted to land and get started. Once we did land, reality set in –this is going to be home for the next 2 weeks. Let the work begin.

From An Inside Look at Global Health Activity at USC