Pictures from Shirati

In front of the Sota Clinic with Dr. Kawira and the nurses.

An old Burkitt’s patient coming for a check-up

Getting to the Interviews

One of the families visited

Day before summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro

Looking back through the pictures, it’s hard to believe that I’ve only been back to LA for less than 3 weeks. Life here is so much more hectic that I really miss the days in Shirati. Leaving Shirati was sad after being there for a month. The other guests we met there were staying until end of August or September, so I almost wanted to stay with them. Luckily, we had planned for some fun traveling after Shirati or else I might have just postponed my return.

After Shirati, we went on a safari through the Serengiti, and it was amazing seeing the abundant wildlife. We were even lucky enough to spot lions enjoying their kill. My favorite part of the safari, however, was the Hippo Pool. Our guide brought us to a pond where there were over a hundred hippos lounging around.

Kilimanjaro came after safari, and it was a huge contrast from the chill days riding on our jeep. Climbing Kilimanjaro was a feat. We took six days for the entire journey. While it was not a technical hike (there were trails along the entire way), it was definitely demanding. Each day required at least a 7 hour hike. Luckily, we were required to hire porters to carry our stuff because otherwise, I definitely would not have been about to do it. The toughest was dealing with the altitude. On summit day, you could not sleep because the air was so thin, and then you had to hike through the night with your altitude sickness. It took just about every ounce of our strength to get there, but we all made it to the highest point in Africa. 😀