End of Trip

The trip has come to a close. I was very glad to get appointments with the national department of health and the national treasury in the last week. As I look over the information I’ve collected, I think it can be safe to say that I will not be able to get a full list of the PPIs in South Africa. I have a rough list of about 20 that I’ll be able to include in my report, but I think the most comprehensive part of my research will be the categories of PPIs in South Africa that I put forward.

I’ll spend the next week reviewing the information I’ve collected, processing it, and typing up my report. I’m excited to see how the paper is received, and though it is more of a primer on South African PPIs than an evaluative study, I think that this report will be able to pave the way for future evaluative studies in South Africa. I’m going to contact a journal or two to see if they are interested in the paper.

Many thanks to the USC Institute for Global Health for supporting this trip!