Friday July 8th

Today, we went to the Larawatu malnutrition clinic which has been running for three months now. We weighed the babies and passed out eggs and milk for the week. The kids then eat porridge while we are there so we make sure they are eating at least once a day. I asked Rainy how does SF monitor whether the families are feeding the kids with the food we provide. Usually, they can tell by the kids’ weights weekly–if they are gaining, they are most likely eating. However, some families have been selling the eggs and milk and buying rice instead because it is cheaper. It is pretty upsetting that parents do not understand that their children need this protein for the week. Maybe the SF Malnutrition program should add an education component to it. Also, I find it interesting that during the surveys, many mothers say their children are not malnourished when in fact they usually are.

I ended the day with a run on the beach. The sunsets here are incredible!

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