Searching for our patients

Interviewing patients these past two weeks have been very interesting. Dr. Kawira gave us about 20 case files of her previous patients for Reshem and I to search out to interview, but I had no idea what an adventure this task is. With a guide and translator, we set out on rented motorbikes to search for these patients. The first day was relatively straightforward. We found the first 3 patients with ease. We rode to a neighboring village and within minutes we found ourselves at their homes. Each passing day of interviews, however, has been increasingly difficult because we had to travel farther and farther from the main road and deeper and deeper into the hills. Just a few days ago, we were riding through corn fields to reach the patient’s hut. Today, we went off-roading for at least half an hour to get to the patient. At several points, the road was so impassable that we had to get off our bikes and push them through the rocky crevices. It was so difficult and took us so long to get to some of these patients that I marvel at how they ever able to travel to the hospital and clinics to get treatment. Even though it’s been quite a trek getting to these patients every day, it’s been well worth the effort just hearing their amazing stories.