Hello from Shirati, Tanzania!

Hi! I’m Grace, and I will be spending this summer looking at the available treatment options and any potential barriers to receiving treatment for Burkitt’s Lymphoma patients in Shirati, Tanzania. I’ve been looking forward to this project since January, and I’m very excited to finally make it here.

After almost two days of traveling, Akil, Reishem, and I finally made it to our site in Shirati. The journey was a bit exhausting. We flew for nearly 20 hours to get to Nairobi and landed at 2 in the morning. Since we landed so late, we decided to spend two nights in Nairobi, but that turned out to be a good call because the drive to Shirati was 9 long hours. With our full day in Nairobi, we visited the animal orphanage, which is basically a zoo where they raise injured animals. It was a great experience because not only did we get to see the usual animals, we also got to hold a lion and cheetah cub! It was a great introduction to Africa.

The drive to Shirati was long but scenic. It’s amazing how you could see antelope and giraffes just looking out your window along the drive. Even though the past two days have been fun, I’m glad we’re finally in Shirati now. Shirati is much bigger and more developed than I imagined it to be. Our accommodations are also much nicer than I anticipated. There’s internet here. The only thing I wish we had, though, was hot showers, but I guess I have a whole month to get used to that. We got the basic tour of the town today while we’re waiting to for our final paperwork, but I’m looking forward to going to the clinic and starting my project tomorrow!