Water filter distribution and rainwater catchment construction in Honduras

On Wednesday we had a meeting with the community and with ADEC to hand out water filters to members of the community that still had not been able to get them. The community could use these filters to make the water they already get from the springs drinkable. These filters are filters that the community purchased and they were subsidized by EWB-USC. We found that this was a better alternative than just giving the filters to the community members because we felt that if they paid for at least a part of them they would care more for them and actually use and care for them properly. ADEC went through how to use the filters and how to clean them and how to make them last. The biggest challenge with the filters is to make sure they are sustainable and that people will continue to use them in the long run.

Construction also continued during the day on Wednesday. This is when we actually started to pour the concrete into the foundation. Again we had some issues with delivery of materials, which delayed us a little. But with the hard work of all the community members involved we were still able to reach our goal of getting one half of the foundation done. What looked like one half however was a lot more because of the differences in depths throughout the foundations; we actually had completed ¾ of the foundation.

On Thursday we completed the foundation. Upon completion, we engraved “CDP y EWB-USC 2011” in one corner of the foundation. Then, the community members wanted to play soccer with us so several members of the EWB-USC team played soccer with community members for some hours awaiting the arrival of the Mayor who was coming to see the final product. Most community members were present at the ceremony with the Mayor. Both were very thankful for EWB-USC for all their hard work and for making this project that they had been asking for for many years a reality.

On the last day, Kristen, our next Co-Project Manager, together with Luciano went to do some materials assessment with regards to the next phase of our project, which is the installation of the gutter system and the pipe that will take water from the gutter to the tanks.