Arrival in Delhi, Eve of the First Day of School

My partners, Hardik and Amanda, and I submitted an introduction regarding our project sometime during our week in Delhi, capitalizing on the one hour of internet we found through Hardik’s phone. After that, I had such a frustrating time with internet/computer access, I just deferred to the good old ways of record keeping. I’m submitting now what I wrote in the six days I was in Delhi.

December 19, 2010 —
Delhi has changed a lot in eight years. I’m noticing that there is much more awareness of things that no one cared about before. As we drive from where we’re staying to Nai Disha, I notice these signs: “Speeding Thrills but Kills,” Protect Wildlife and the Earth,” “Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes.” None of these signs seem to be a government venture, however. They’re instead sponsored by gas companies, tourism enterprises, and private hospitals. New highways and roads zig zag through the main pockets of greater New Delhi, and the cars, trucks, scooters, autos seems to weave among each other like fish in a stream–AND everyone on scooters seem to be wearing helmets now, which they definitely didn’t do eight years back. Even though the style of driving has evidently remained the same, there is definitely a increased concern for safety and the environment. There are many more signs and advertisements about nutrition and fitness than I’ve ever seen before — Shilpa Shetty’s Yoga? Protein shakes by Salman Khan? Wow. Beside these, fast food joints like McDonalds and KFC stand out against shanty homes like soar thumbs.
But has Delhi really really changed? Or am I just noticing these adds because I’m doing a project in Global Health and I’m watching out for stuff like this?