Day 2: Art can be inspiring for learning!!!

Hi Everyone,

Wish you all a happy new year. I have been travelling in India lately and I didn’t have any internet connection hence I was not able to come up with my subsequent post.

I’m continuing with my day two experience. The children at Nai Disha were really good at drawing and rather their visual learning was a good way of teaching them certain things. The day started off with the administrative tasks and we continued our work to cut pieces of a body parts from chart paper. Along with that we also started the planning on Christmas party which took place on Friday of that week.

Nai Disha had this unique idea of selling calendars and Postcards at Christmas party which were drawn by the kids of Nai Disha. At that point when everything was discussed about this, I had the opportunity to look at the various really good drawing done by the kids in the past. As soon as I started looking at the drawing it was kind of inspirational to see some of the drawing done by them. In particular the one posted here regarding food was really good and informative.

Today, we began teaching by asking kids to identify various fruits and vegetables from pictures in both Hindi and English. To a great extent the answers were right. It was a well devised experiment to know about their knowledge of Fruits and Vegetables. Then we asked them to draw about their home and surrounding.

Interacting with Sangeeta Malik who is Vice President of Nai Disha Educational and Cultural Society I got to know that many children suffer from iron deficiency. It was kind of surprising to know that especially when I saw that most of students were good at identifying what is good to eat. It was rather there economic condition which prevented them from eating what we usually call a balanced diet.

It was a day of awakening for me and I was also excited about these findings as we were supposed to meet eminent researchers at Public Health Foundation of India (PFHI) later on in the week.

In my next post i will talk about various studies done by PHFI about which i learned in the meeting with the researchers at PFHI. In particular the study regarding obesity in public and private school in India was rather surprising to me!!