Day 1: Food was the interesting point!!

Hi Everyone,

Well i was supposed the make this post yesterday, but since I’m traveling in India i have seldom access to internet.

So here goes my day 1 experience.

Teaching at Nai Disha was a unique experience in every day. Our day was divided into two half’s, First from 10am to 1pm we were helping out in administrative tasks and resource creation for Nai Disha and from 1pm to 5pm during the actual school time we were teaching students about English in Particular.

For resource creation, we worked on creation of body parts from cardboard paper. The students will use these parts for creation of whole human body. The teachers will also teach them about hygiene in particular with respect to body parts when they will be making the full human body from these parts.

After that at 1pm the regular school started. The children are first given mid-day meal, which as i had mentioned in my previous post consisted of rice and Dal (protein). After the meal, the students get ready for assembly. Inspiring India songs are sung as prayer during the assembly. The meal comes from local temple, which provides it for free for the school. The meal also consisted of a very high quality basmati rice, which are quite expensive in India.

The most distinctive feature of the day was the lunch. It was kind of strange that we well educated students of USC were having pizza from Pizza Hut and the students of the school were eating rather a very nutritious meal. Although it was not kind of surprising to me as most of our food options at USC are rather fast food!!!

Now getting back to my teaching session, i was teaching with my teaching partner Nina who is majoring in Public Relations and Gender Studies at USC. As i have mentioned earlier, we are volunteering here with South Asian Rural Student Aid which is a non-profit organization at USC. Teaching the kids was kind of really though at first especially they were quiet reluctant to speak in English. But as time went on in the day we quickly realized that they understood most the things we spoke in English. They were rather not confident to speak in English. Drawing was the most unbelievable skill they possessed. They drew unbelievably well and some of their drawing were really inspiring. I will post the picture in the next post as i don’t have my laptop with me at present.

All in all, it was quite a unique day.