Updates on project Nai Disha: Obesity

Hi Everyone,

So finally I get time as well as internet to blog about my 5 days of teaching at Nai Disha Educational Society. It has been an amazing experience to teach the students at Nai Disha. The students are smart, energetic, enthusiastic and obviously mischievous. To post the best out of my experience, I will be posting each day individually over the next five days. Every day brought new things to me and some were really interesting to the project I’m pursuing.

But first I will give you a brief description of what is Nai Disha and how it functions. Nai Disha Education Society is a registered school, which admits and nourishes students from economically weak sections of the society. The school runs from 1pm to 5pm in a government school. The government school has regular hours in morning. Improper and irregular teaching is a big problem in government schools and often the parents from economically weak sections feels that it’s not worth to send their children to school. Child labor is a big problem in India when it comes to economically weak sections and their parents find it more worth that their child works rather than study. This is where Nai Disha is different as it provides free education as well as it also tries to retain the children to studies by letting the parents know how important it is to send their children to school.

In India, the children from under-privileged background are highly under-nourished. Nai Disha also provides a mid-day meal which consists of nutritious rice and Dal (protein) and teaches them about what is good to eat and what is not.

At the time when the private schools are fighting with obesity, I was witnessing two different halfs of growing India. Obesity and malnutrition.

I will get back tomorrow with my day 1 experience.