Begining of the First Day

Hello from Project India in India….

I have reached Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India this morning. I am thrilled to follow you up with my first blog post of my life. I reached Ahmedabad, Gujarat at 3am. Flight was good. Couldn’t sleep much… Just kept on thinking about this project. A lot to do!!

Anyways, just to let you know… Ahmedabad is in the State of Gujarat. It is located on the west coast of India right below Pakistan and next to Mumbai, Maharastra. It is culturally a sweet state. Most festivals in Ahmedabad starts with sugar. In fact, sugar has incorporated our culture so much that almost everything except the bread has sugar in it. So, people in Ahmedabad don’t have to even wait for genes to predispose them to Diabetes – Food is good enough.

Anyways, India has the highest prevalence of diabetes. Due to its other “bigger” problems, diabetes almost gets no attention – leaving India with a Medical Gap. A GAP that is bridged in the United States by the unique group of health care providers – The Pharmacist. Thus, Our goal for this project is to not only create a public awareness but also find a possible solution to bridge the GAP. We are approaching the pharmacy schools to show them how pharmacist plays a key role in the United States and how they can take up this role and how society can benefit from their service and their expertise.

With that said, I think I should stop or else I will write a book on it. I think it will be great to see my effort through the pictures and maybe end the trip with what an essay on what was I trying to Achieve.
Before I leave – I would like to heartfully thank:
1. Institute of Global Health for believing in our vision.
2. Indian Pharmacist Association for their immeasurable support and guidance for this Project.
3. USC School of Pharmacy- Especially Dr. Goad, Dr. Gong and Dr. Wincor for their support
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