Geneva, Switzerland

Hi everyone! So for the past few weeks I’ve been interning at the International Center for Migration and Health, an NGO in Geneva, Switzerland. The main focus of the organization is to work on research, training and policy advocacy on a variety of public health issues relating to people displaced by conflict or disaster. I’ve been helping out with a variety of projects, but my main task over the past few weeks has been to compile research for a study on gestational diabetes in immigrants. Though it’s pretty specific, I’ve definitely been learning a lot and am really enjoying working at the office.

On Monday, my supervisor actually spoke in a panel at the UN Human Rights Council on Maternal Health. Some of the other interns and I tagged along and attended the panel discussion. I was pretty excited to attend a session at the UN, and learned quite a bit in the process.

One of the best things about working in Geneva is just the variety of opportunities to visit and access all sorts of organizations. I’ve also visited the World Health Organization and International Committee of the Red Cross since being here. Because so many NGOs and international groups are based in Geneva, it’s quite an international city with people from all over the world. It’s not at all unusual to meet someone that speaks three or four languages (fluently) that has traveled, lived, and worked all over the world.

I’ve been practicing (or at least attempting to practice) my French since arriving, but am still nowhere near on par with many of the people that I’ve met so far. Regardless, I definitely am learning a great deal and am really enjoying living in this multinational (and absolutely beautiful) city!