Research takes time

This afternoon I met with the head of AHAR, an association of over 8000 restaurants in Mumbai. I believed the meeting would entail speaking about restaurants to sample and obtaining his opinion regarding which locales would be ideal to sample and which would be less important. Therefore, I presented my study to him and sought his guidance in recruiting restaurants within Mumbai to partake in my study. Despite his expression of support for the project, he was was apprehensive about the acceptance of fellow restaurant owners. While he will not be able to respond regarding their perspectives for another few days, I began brainstorming with colleagues other manners to approach restaurants and which locales we should target for our sample.

Meanwhile, the logistics of preparing for the final ethics committee meeting are in progress. Numerous formalities needed to be followed to ensure that the consent forms were translated into Hindi and typed in Hindi- a difficulty when most keyboards are not in Hindi letters! I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great colleagues who have been extremely helpful at facilitating the navigation of the formalities.

Unfortunately, I was informed that my study on surveying healthcare professionals on their tobacco use will not be able to be carried out. It was agreed that I will not have enough time to enact it. Despite being a saddened that I won’t have the ability to carry out a study that I feel would bring a unique perspective to the campaign from Mumbai healthcare professionals, I understand that the primordial focus is the air monitoring study and that requires all of my efforts at this time.

I anticipate that I should receive some closure by the end of the week regarding which restaurants to sample and when surveillance will begin. I look forward to starting the project I came for!


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  1. Parth Parikh says:

    Hi Rachel,My name is Parth. I am USC school of pharmacy student. It looks like you are having amazing experience. Well, keep it up! I would like to learn about your experience in Mumbai. It must be wet at this time!Parth


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