Tata Memorial Hospital

This morning I began to organize myself for the research which I will be conducting during my month at Tata Memorial Hospital. I was fortunate to be introduced to the Preventive Oncology Team, with whom I will be working and shadowing to witness the oral, breast, and cervical cancer screening.

Most importantly, pertaining directly to my research, tomorrow I have a meeting with the head of the AHAR which is a coalition of 8400 restaurants working with the SmokeFree Mumbai Campaign. The Smoke Free Mumbai campaign, with whom I am directly working, has delivered 7500 “NO SMOKING” signs to restaurants, and I have seen many of these signs throughout Mumbai in addition to other independently made signs. However, the enforcement and following of this law is yet to be determined. Therefore, my project involves selecting 20 restaurants and passively and actively monitoring nicotine concentrations in these locales. The first immediate step for my project is to discern which 20 restaurants are the most essential to monitor. I will be working with a database that records essential characteristics of these restaurants and with my collaborators we will work to select the sample. Tomorrow, while meeting with the AHAR we will discern what they believe the compliance will be among restaurants and what we should do to encourage cooperation. Until then, I have the large task of itemizing the restaurants and discerning which will be fruitful to investigate!