Esther Bae-Journey to a research Internship at the Yonsei University School of Public Health

As a recent graduate of the health promotion and disease prevention studies major, I planned to spend my entire summer vacationing in Korea. I thought that it would be a much needed break before starting the MPH program for chronic disease epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health in the fall. After some thought, I knew that spending three months without any intellectual stimulation would not be a good precursor to my future studies. With that in mind, I completed the student request for foreign placement form of the USC Institute of Global Health, requesting for placement in South Korea during the summer with an interest in obesity and nutrition.

Soon enough, I received an email from Ivette Flores saying that there was a good contact for research in Korea. I was able to get into contact with Dr. Sun Ha Jee, the Yonsei University associate dean of the Graduate School of Public Health, as well as the associate professor and chair of the department of epidemiology and health promotion. After many emails and a phone conversation, it was confirmed that I would research under Dr. Jee during my 2.5 months stay at Korea.

It is already my third week doing research at Yonsei, and I can say that I’ve had a lot of valuable experience. The two unpublished articles that I’m working on are about the prevalence of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and a prediction model of coronary heart disease (CHD) in Korea. Next, I will be working on a paper studying colorectal cancer in Korea.