At the interstection of public diplomacy and public health

A quick hola from Oaxaca before I get down to serious blogging business. My name is Paul Rockower, I`m a USC grad student currently traveling in Mexico, and on my way down to the Panama Canal.

My background is not in public health, but rather public diplomacy. However, there are some important aspects that overlap in both fields. The basis of public diplomacy is predicated on the transmission of ideas in the global sphere, and requires both advocacy and listening to be succesfully employed. The best definition of public diplomacy comes from USC Prof. Manuel Castels:

“Public diplomacy is the…projection in the international arena of the values and ideas of the public…. the aim of the practice of public diplomacy is not to convince but to communicate, not to declare but to listen. Public diplomacy seeks to build a sphere in which diverse voices can be heard in spite of their various origins, distinct values and often contradictory interests.”

In this regard, public health requires the similiar tenets to be succesfully carried out. I will be writing about the intersection of public diplomacy and public health as I venture through Mexico and Central America.

I will also be taking plenty of photos that will be used in an upcoming exhibit for the Institute for Global Health`s Global Health Week. I currently have an exhibit up at the USC Annenberg School for Communication, entitled The 21st Century Family of Man. I will be blogging here, as well as my regular Levantine blog. Some blogs will be up shortly, but first I need to get over a long night bus to arrive here. Hasta luego.