Fondue, Swiss chocolate, and tobacco – My experiences at the WHO – Geneva, Switzerland

I had the amazing opportunity to intern at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva Switzerland. I interned with the Tobacco Free Initiative (TFI) with their Communications Team, which mainly worked to develop strategies to implement and promote the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control through with their Report on the Global Tobacco Epidemic, MPOWER, funded by the Bloomberg Initiative. My scope of work included assisting the Communications Team with regular communication work (e.g. drafting PowerPoint presentations, preparing press and advocacy kits for important events, help with photo and video footage selections, contributing to new ideas for promotion and advertising), drafting letters and articles for the director of TFI, doing internet searches to determine the breadth of press coverage of WHO’s advocacy and media outreach effort in the area of tobacco control, as well as assisting with the development of the World No Tobacco Day 2009 campaign. My supervisor was a former well-accomplished journalists who graciously allowed me to attend meetings and interact with other departments within the organization. My internship at the WHO was an incredible experience that not only allowed me to meet remarkable leaders in global health, but also has tremendously help to shape my future career and endeavors.